No matter the outside temperature, enjoy a good breeze by opening your awning. Not only awnings are very practical but also fits all house styles.

We strongly recommend hybrid windows for:

  • Great color choices: Hybrid windows come in a variety of colors to suit your taste and the style of your home.
  • Robustness: Hybrid windows are the perfect blend of the next-generation structural frame and the strongest extruded aluminum on the market.
  • Its impressive waterproofness: its design made of its triple weatherstrip guaranteed for life, its stairway drainage and its wedge welding process provides a remarkable seal.
  • Energy savings: Thanks to the thermal performance of PVC and the durability of aluminum, hybrid windows will save you a lot of energy.




  • Stylized shutter, Colonial or contemporary, exclusive to Futura.
  • Width of frame, 4 5/8 ” and 6 9/16 ”, 5 5/8 ” with brick molding.
  • Structural frame, increasing the lighting surface and strength.
  • Frame with built-in cage for gypsum or blowing.
  • Frame and rigid shutter, for a tightness to any test.
  • Frame and shutter with multiple air chambers for maximum insulation.
  • Sealed glass, double 7/8 ” or triple 1 ¼ ”, with low-e and Argon gas, high energy efficiency.
  • Anti-corrosion multi-point locking mechanism or stainless steel, inking for greater safety.
  • Anti-corrosion or stainless steel opening-closing mechanism, with retractable recessed handle, very safe, 90-degree opening for easy cleaning.
  • Triple weather stripping, efficient and interchangeable.
  • Robust mosquito net with aluminum frame located inside.
  • Easy maintenance window, very safe, easy to open.
  • Choice of blowing and various moldings, brick, cladding, etc.
  • Different tiles in option.

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