Sliding windows are a must for both their style and their use. Indeed, it adapts to all house styles and has an opening mechanism that makes it easy to use.

We strongly advise PVC windows for:

  • Their versatility: thanks to the infinite possibilities of customization, we can adapt them to any house style.
  • Its tightness: PVC is very watertight thanks to its triple weather stripping, stairway drainage as well as its method of welding corners by fusion
  • Energy saving: thanks to its tightness, the PVC shutters make you realize great energy savings
  • Its robustness: thanks to its new compositions, the PVC shutters are robust and durable
  • Its choice of infinite color that gives a personalized touch to your home while harmonizing perfectly with the coating.



  • Stylized shutter, Colonial, exclusive to Futura.
  • Single or double opening.
  • Frame width, 4 5/8 ” and 6 9/16 ”, 5 5/8 ” with integrated brick molding.
  • Frame with built-in cavity for gypsum or blowing.
  • Ultra rigid frame and shutter, welded by fusion.
  • Frame and shutter with multiple air chambers for maximum insulation.
  • Toggle opening inwards, for easy cleaning.
  • Sealed glass, double or triple with low-e and Argon gas, high energy efficiency.
  • Automatic locking system, for single opening and latch for double opening.
  • Weather stripping, efficient and interchangeable.
  • Robust mosquito net with aluminum frame.
  • Easy maintenance window, very safe, easy to open
  • Choice of blowing and various moldings uPVC, brick, coating, etc.
  • Different tiles in option.


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